The Chi That Kept Flowing (Poem)

I started when I was young and knew many things about the world my mind destroyed but my body still filling with life with the very breath of air I inhaled every second of everyday

My skills at first showed potential but with the right guidance can create the most amazing results for someone as young as I was

You kept on helping me whenever I was struggling you didn’t yell or scream like the others did

You had patcents and compassion for everyone even when you had your worst days

And as life got harder for you

You tried to at least give a smile to brighten up someone’s mood every so often.

And as I finally grew and became who I am today I can never thank you enough for opening the door to understanding that no one else ever had for me

I learned many things in these past few years and I learned to share it like an open book

Like a river that always flows.

My chi kept flowing.


A Little Book’s Story (Poem)

I had a dream way long ago even when I was ripped and tattered year after year but within my heart I kept the dream close to me as my most treasured passion

At times someone may torment me behind my back but I have to be patient and learn to endure their mockery

But as you say as you cared that these dreams are poisonous to us like the story that predicts the end of the world there’s not much we can do

But yes I still have a dream and I want to follow that dream I stand against this cold wall and learn to climb it like a butterfly that starts like a caterpillar and then soon evolves into a butterfly

This world although cold and cruel is not going take me down. Even towards the end of my life lets still be together

I held onto the hand of fate but yet was let go only to be able to fly as high as the very clouds I could touch

My wish is to let someone read my pages and learn my story so that even when I leave this world I won’t just be a book but a memory in the minds of many.


I’m Still Here Waiting For You (Poem)

Time goes on while I sit in the chair looking out the window and I still wonder when your coming back i’m not just missing you but I’m longing for your presence deep within my heart

Although my fate can never be changed I know I have to move on with my life I still can’t help but wait for you

My heart is still open because i’m still here waiting for you.

When There Was Spring (Poem)

Winter slowly approaches and wraps the earth in its cold hands but as we walk to our homes to get warm I just wonder if that time in spring was our last we would feel the warmth of the one another and the life of the trees that breathe in all the toxic chemicals to give us oxygen so that we can live

My tears won’t stop falling each one although turning into ice I can never dream of the day that I can see your sun’s smiling face looking down upon me

There is nothing I wouldn’t have done to have another chance and relive that moment these kisses this love these tears one wish is all I still ask for

Spring i’m missing you now there’s so much I wanted to tell you I should of held onto your arm and tell you not go but I know that in nature’s cycle this to shall come to pass

I trip and I fall and then I became a shell.

The Awakened To The Awakening (Poem)

Far far away at the break of dawn the hotly burning sun begins to rise slowly bringing attention from the world unseen to the brightening universe the feelings of sleep turn to happy dream

Children with almost no hope left in this day and age are the victims who carry the consequences of the adults who slowly fade away from this planet

This world is still so vast i still wonder if there’s any good left within all the chaos that grows more and more everyday but all i can do is believe in the kindness that still remains somewhere within the twisted psyche of humanity

I seen the light of hope reflected in some but most not so much even leading some to be the sacrifices of ever present wars going on internally and externally

So many ignore the problem or are just distracted by the any toxic things created to make us slaves of our own decline

In the summer sky i look up and see the clouds all dancing and the planet still moving

I believe that life will still find a way to still flourish and that change will come once we all reach the awakening.

中我的心 (Within My Heart) (Poem)

On an airplane flying high above the sky I remember how clear it all looked and how happy I was to start a new life beginning under a life I could only hope to have imagined

Do you remember the whole thing as if it was a dream?

Cause I certainly do but as I look back I just wonder to myself if you still remember me a whole world away

You were the only one I 关心 (Care) for without you the world is like one empty city

My body has no soul due to all the loss and no gain but pain with strain. As seasons change and time goes on I loose bit upon bit of memory as i slowly loose myself

You were the only one 我照顾 (I cared) For but for now

I can only keep our memories 中我的心 (Within My Heart)

United Help (Poem)

These two hands of yours hold the burden of the world on your back so let me bear this struggle with you because in life no one can just go on living alone forever with the weight of everything crashing upon them.

So hey let me be by your side.