“Those whose hearts are bright like the sun know they have heaven and earth within them.” -Unknown 


Interacting With People During A Class (Story Time/Rant/Thoughts)

So when I go to a Tai chi or yoga class sometimes I would interact with the other students attending the class. Essentially most of the classes I’m in is mostly filled with middle aged to older women who pretty I pay no mind to.

Normally before class begins I would do my warm ups because it helps me adjust to the environment better and sometimes I would get some odd stares from the others it doesn’t bother me that they were watching me but it would sometimes go to a point where I would feel like they were talking about me because sometimes from the corner of my eye I would notice a lot of them whispering among themselves. Is it because I’m the youngest one there or is it because i’m doing something they haven’t heard of or seen before i’m not taking it personally but it kind of amazes me how if someone has something to say to me or about me they don’t say it to my face but say it to others (I’m not petty just annoyed quite a bit)

One day there was this woman I met while I was at a tai chi class. We were out in the waiting room waiting for class to start. Me being the nice and fairly now outgoing person that I am I decided to start a small conversation with this person (Mostly because I seen her ever since I started showing up to this specific tai chi class) She kept on mentioning about being old and how the world moves very slowly (for the most part i already view the world as a slow ever changing evolution involving the beings that live on it) What kind of disturbed me about this woman was that she looked at the teacher as if she was some sort of deity that knows everything about everyone and everything (Even though that’s not true) i didn’t want to be bothered arguing with her due to i don’t know if she has heath problems and i didn’t want to find out. This lady essentially kind of pissed me off cause she started to look down upon me due to my knowledge on both Chinese Japanese and Korean culture even going to the point where i know a bit about tai chi’s origin’s and history. The conversation ended with her getting a text and me walking away and waiting to begin class.

The Bow Of Shadowy Light (Poem)

In a world frozen with anger greed and sadness I bow to the sky passed the universe and connect myself to the divine opening myself to the power that’s around me

The sky’s dark clouds and clear sky open up to revel the light of god that shined down upon me each and every day and night of my living memory

That same light is what shone in me during times of high joy and happiness. So while everyone is busy hating yelling or being cruel to one another I bask in the power’s light and let my body be transformed by it

In that time and space time didn’t exist in that space being bound did not exist

But through it all I saw you by my side the only person in this world that held no judgement anger or hate towards me your humanity and kindness was something I was never able to do

Your compassion and understanding is what drove me to be a better person

Like a magic rainbow you let your colors shine. You drove away all the things that held me down but yet you didn’t fix yourself and let yourself heal you took on the responsibilities of the world just to spare and heal me from the evil of the world but now its my turn to give back what you gave to me.

Every day I cried myself to sleep wondering to myself if there were anymore good people in the world and I was right all along

Your kindness was a gift to my heart
Thank you.

The Beginning Of A Union Of Two Worlds (Poem)

Hey lets try to dream the same dream together at night
I hope to wish to wake up to your beautiful face and harmonizing voice
The string of fate was weaved out just for us on our path but yet there was never always a 100% prediction on how it was all going to turn out
In my dreams I saw us but a world unseen to many and its just us in a harmonizing spiral watching life grow and fade day by day it always brings tears to my face even when I’m asleep knowing that there will come a day that I will loose you
I opened the doors to your world only to see that it’s still like earth only that there aren’t many people but quite a lot of animals and clear water so blue that the taste is like harmony that will never make you sick
Loneliness stirred in my chest but peace came to my mind knowing that I had you and still have you in the beginning of a union of two worlds.

Between The Two Worlds (Poem)

In the distance far into an almost different world the sun is seen lightly sinking below the horizon
The attention to the other world is in full force it’s energy full of curiously and mystery. The sad cries of humanity as the world gets more and more dangerous as time passes on
With people loosing more and more heart as time passes I still wonder if love can save the world and peace can still be achieved through this madness
Between the vail of both dreams and reality my mind fades and my body feels lighter through either side
I lost my anger, fear and regret and found my peace becoming one between the two worlds.

“Please do not forget that hated or evil whatever you want to call it. It’s intelligent it’s smart and its invisible

it doesn’t have a color

it doesn’t have a race

it doesn’t have a religion

it has no politics

it’s an invisible snake that while it is planning to make it’s attack it is thinking to itself

I am going to divide my enemy into smaller less strong groups and then I am going to make them hate each other so that it is easier to take them down and as were all yelling at each other trying to figure out which group it is that’s causing the problem evils winning all around us.”

 -Lady Gaga

Naughty Boy (Erotic Poem)

Still he stares deep into my empty eyes. He comes closer to me as internally I start to slowly feel fear wash onto me as if I was slowly freezing under the spring sky but apart from all this madness that’s going on in the world my brain tuned it out.

I see him come closer only to whisper into my ear where to meet him later. I go to where he called me and like gentleman he shows himself to me a way I see most fitting

In a robe nude and in bed I climb in with him taking off all my clothes and silent he began to lick, kiss ,and suck me off my senses going numb and the feelings of passion burning through my body stuck with me.

I then afterwards blew him more than his girlfriend ever did and especially since they weren’t together I felt like I could of spent more than just this hook up with him.

This was more than carnal lust this was a connection that I never felt before something in me started to stir and in quite a while I actually felt a tiny bit happy.

But yet this naughty boy wanted my wild side to come out and eventually he got me very exited when my turn came about.

He was moaning out of joy and we both soon smiled out of joy.

When it was all over and our bodies back in balance we just layed together in silent bliss and in peaceful sleep we embraced

Oh you naughty boy.