For a very long time i just wondered why i was so different from the other guys

Like i didn’t really like sports and i wasn’t one for superheros in capes

most like listening to rap music and all kinds of hip hop and i personally enjoyed listening to classical , rock and maybe a little pop

I felt trapped in a world where i felt alone even when i knew there were others like me

I want to leave this concrete cage and see the world for myself (if i’ll still be around for it)

Just seeing how many people in so many shades of colors make beautiful art and all kinds of impacts upon this earth we all live on

I wish i was like lana del rey who would just ride and hear the birds on the summer breeze

I may have a war in my mind but i have flowers in my hair and love in my heart

I’m the queen of disaster

I was born to marry the night

And i may have had a bad romance but it was just perfect illusion

I still remember how we both would play on the telephone and i would imagine the fame i desired the most

I was young and beautiful but even as i aged you still loved me

I wanted it all and i would even make sure to even say hello to you everyday but i could never find someone like you i wished nothing but the best for you and you only

but it didn’t matter because it was just you and i on our honey moon -Gardenlovepoet

(Inspired by the artists lady gaga , Lana del rey and Adele)


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