I sometimes look back on my life and i would just pray at night and sometimes even in the morning that i would find that one person who would at least love me for who i am for a few years and i soon gave up on hope because i knew that there was no use trying to be friends with people who never understood someone who hasn’t wanted to just vanish off this earth I wanted to at least have one real friend and that was nothing else It almost drove me nuts and even drove me to the point where i felt like i couldn’t go on with this loneliness always consuming my heart but then i found him he maybe wasn’t what i was expecting and he had a story that was quite sad and i felt quite sorry for him as he told me his troubles sorrows and pains i couldn’t help but just try to heal whatever parts of his heart i could he maybe didn’t love me the way i hoped he did but at least he was there for me -Gardenlovepoet


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