Every day i sometimes ask myself when will i get a break cause sometimes i feel like i’ve been worked not even to the core but to the point where my bones are slowly cracking like the egg shells we break to make scrambled eggs

When i wake up i sometimes feel thankful that i’m living to see another day but then saddened that i have to get my ass up and go to school

Even at school having to be forced to have constant tongue lashings by teachers that look like they don’t even know how to do their own fucking job my mom says that they only do that because something must of happend in their personal lives so i say so something bad happens in their life everyday

I have to then deal with one student who literally acts like a dumb ass who thinks it’s funny to treat his friends and even his former girlfriend crush like shit but when he gets treated like shit he has a problem with it

Then having all kinds of anger bottled up ready to burst i have to always let it go even though i can only go so far to not let it go

The counselor doesn’t bother helping me with my issues and trying to transfer is such a stress on my mind and my body

And then to top it all off i go home sleep and dread the next day

Sometimes even when i dread the school days and the days where i dont feel well i sometimes like to look around and notice how the plants are waking up and how the butterflies and birds all fly and sing

And even my heart still has its song and will to live each and every single day.




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