The ticking of the clock just agitates my anxiety As i sit in silence locked in a room with 4 corners with no one to talk to

I use to enjoy the loneliness and having no one around to look or judge me for who i am and where i come from

But now it started to become unbearable due to the fact that most of the people who knew me now feel worried that i might have lost my mind

I’m slowly going insane all while i dream of breaking out of this room and trying to be set free and let loose like a fire or even a bird that was just freed from a cage

Some of my friends use to say that my many smiles and even some of my stories would spark interest and even happiness

And even some scars have their story to be told

The sadness that kept following me poisoned me making me be alone

The moments of loneliness slowly get chipped away all while i finally greet the sun’s dying light

And the cold that consumed my heart was finally warmed by the comfort of those with the heart of a flower -Gardenlovepoet


(Inspired by the song Burn by Jess lee)

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