being born in just a few hours i open my eyes to see many others trapped in small wired cages so small none of our wings can stretch

My throat burns from the many chemical like smells in the air

My mother is not here and i dearly miss her 

My father is nowhere in sight and i miss him too

Now these tall men have injected me with something so much that i grew too fast 

And now my legs are too weak for me to support themselves 

I’m tired and i’m in so much pain 

Only when i thought i was being taken out just for some treatment i see the blood of the many other birds and even some of their lifeless bodies 

Oh my god what’s going to happen to me

I’m scared and im too weak to move on my own

And then i was hung upside down and my thoat was slit

The pain was terrible and unbearable 

I just wondered why did these humans do such terrible things to us 

What did we ever do to you

And just when i stopped moving my body was soon plucked of all it’s beautiful feathers

And then many unspeakable things happend afterwords

I was later packaged and shipped off to a supermarket

Only to know that these humans enjoyed consuming a body that’s been abused 

But a soul that wanted to live. -Gardenlovepoet


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