(About : A butterfly named Kanji makes friends with another butterfly named mando who both spend most of their lives together as friends)

“When i look back on my life i can’t complain and say that it was entirely terrible but it was like riding on the waves sometimes it can be low tides or sometimes it can be mighty and wild My name is Kanji and this is my story.”

A small butterfly with a color of light but bright red lands on a flower just to drink the essence within it.

He soon is soon noticed by another butterfly that had a beautiful teal color but he never seen a butterfly like that.

“Hello” The teal colored Butterfly said.

“Hello My name is Kanji” Said the red butterfly  “What an awesome name i’m Mando” Says the teal colored colored butterfly.

The two begin to talk for a while till Mando soon had to go.

“Goodbye Mando it was nice speaking to you” Says Kanji And Mando soon flies off without a care in the world.

Kanji forgot to ask Mando one question that might of been a bit to personal but he waited till the next day. Kanji sees Mando and then the two still flying together have a tiny conversation till their history’s began to come up. “Um…Mando can i ask you a question?”

“Sure” Mando says with a smile on his face “I haven’t seen a butterfly with teal color before are is your kind from out of town.?” Kanji says. Mando’s smile soon fades into sadness “We should land” Mando says with a somber tone in his voice. The two then landed on a rock that was smoother than the petal’s of the flowers they would drink from. “Well….it’s kind of hard to explain.” Mando says “Well go right ahead and i’ll try to understand as best i can.” Kanji assures him “Alright. So my kind arn’t naturally made butterflies we were cross bred with many different types….some of which were terrible monsters but the scientist did in some way create decent looking butterflies that could supposedly last a bit longer than normal ones.” Mando explains “Woah cool that sounds awesome.” Kanji says in excitement. “It’s not what you think” Mando soon says “My kind were still seen as a failure to the scientist they tried to kill us the way They kill the others and that was through gassing. Many of us chocked on the poisonous fumes And some of us lost our color and died in the chamber. Thankfully i and 9 others were lucky to escape. We pretended that we were dead and then the scientists soon took us out and the threw us in a dumpster. It broke my heart knowing how many of our kind were wiped out because we didn’t look “normal” to them cursed humans” Mando soon says with a look of anger in his face. “I’m sorry that happend to you Mando it must of been hard for you.” Kanji said in remorse. “Even though it was hard to survive i still made it i don’t know about the other’s though but they might be fine.” Mando says. “Sometimes i get lonely because i have no friends and most of the other butterflies would be mean to me they would push me ,Spit on me,Bite me . And even bees would sting me.” Mando says with tears forming in his eye’s. “Well i can be your friend.” Kanji says with the kindness in his heart. “Thanks” Mando says. The two begin to hug and their wings slowly start to glow under the light of the sun reflecting upon them. “And just so that you know whenever you feel lonely or that you want to talk about something i’ll always be there for you.” Kanji says to his now best and only friend Mando.



I hope you enjoyed this story just as much as i did creating it.


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