“Ever since the Black Sun was destroyed my memory has been disintegrating.

I spent too much time on the other side.

Now it’s eating away at my mind…

erasing what’s left of it.

My memories are all confused.

slowly self-destructing.

fading like a dream when you wake up.

I’m loosing my sense of time.

I no longer know what happened before or after.

Everything’s playing inside my head at the same time.

It’s like watching the same film looping over and over again.

A chaos of images, with no order.

So I’ve been writing night and day for weeks.

Trying to put my life down on paper.

If i forget everything

these pages will be my memory.

The CIA is leaving me alone for the moment.

I suppose they’re too busy building another condenser to worry about me.

I know they’ll never abandon their experiments

Now that they know whats on the other side…


I don’t give a damn.

Now i need to reconstruct my life.

My life without Aiden.

For as long as i could remember.

I dreamt of living without him.


without his constant presence by my side.

I got what i wanted.

I’ve never been so unhappy in my life.

I feel like…

a part of me has been amputated.

I’m crying all day…

I know it’s stupid…


I miss him so much.

It took months.

Months of nothing, passing by.

Then I woke up.

I knew it was time.

Time to start again.

To build a new life.” -Jodie Beyond Two Souls (Ending)


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