“As the years went on we still became good friends…But we were still kids mostly because even though i kind of aged normally Mando aged a bit more faster than me And what i soon noticed was that Tiny flowers began to develop on both on me and mando’s wings for some odd reason” Kanji says finishing that one little tip.

“I still remember how we soon started school and how it was kind of bad for us mostly because we were in some way different but not special. I still go back to the times when some of the other butterflies would pick on us because we both had abnormally large wings for butterflies. At one point some the butterflies thought it was funny and secretly glued my wings together when i didn’t realize it. I soon found out i had issues flying because my wings would spread….I fell right out the sky and landed on the ground and i had to walk most of the way just to wash that crap off.

But Mando had it even more worst. Some of the kids jumped him and took something sharp and slashed one of wings to the point where he couldn’t just fly

but it was hanging by a few threads And since we both didn’t have parents mainly because they died out due to not just old age but weather conditions we both were forced to fight alone.

This went on for months on end until me and Mando was soon use to it.

Until one day we both had it and in anger i thought about how much i hated a lot of the students for doing this to us and how those stupid teachers did no such thing to stop it.”

In almost a flash of magic Kanji’s wings begin to glow and in while looking away from Mando Flower petals began shooting right out of Kanji’s wings.

“Woah.” Kanji said in shock. “Cool..” Mando said in amazement “I never seen a butterfly do that before.” Mando said in shock. “I didn’t know i could do that either.” Says Kanji.

Mando tried doing it as well and in some sort of odd wish he didn’t create flower petals but he had colors as bright as the sun shoot out of his wings

(Even though His wings were still kind of broken he also found out this color can also heal him and can also heal others.)

“Well now it looks like it’s time to go to war.” Mando says with Confidence in his voice. “Well i don’t know but sure if it’s war they want then it’s war they’ll get.” Kanji then says.

The two waited until the next day. Before they left to go to school they practiced on using their powers one last time before the real thing does happen.

Mando and Kanji soon go into the school building and just like that a few of the gang’s of other butterflies in the school were ready to jump them.

Mando And Kanji Both spread their wings wide. The two got surrounded and Kanji created an almost bubble shape around him and Mando to protect against the butterfly thugs trying to hurt them.

He soon expands it but over did it a bit to hard and had them flying backwards and hitting the walls to the point where you can hear a loud crash.

In retaliation Kanji was soon struck when he wasn’t looking.

“KANJI” Mando screams. “I’ll be fine.” Kanji assures him.

Mando in a terrible fit of rage summoned entire waves of color’s that were so bad that most of the butterflies ran in fear.

The school was starting to get destroyed and even papers starting to burn.

He soon healed Kanji And the two were able to run out. “That…..was so bad ass.” Kanji said in amazement. “Thanks.” Mando says. While Mando and Kanji were flying home feeling free from all that abuse. “Ow..” Mando says in pain.

“What is it.?” Kanji says with a bit of concern. “Can we land a bit.” Mando says with a bit of pain in his voice. The two Slowly land and Mando tells Kanji a terrible truth.”Kan…I didn’t want to tell you this because i didn’t want you to see me differently.” Mando says with a bit of sadness in his heart. “What are you talking about.” Kanji says with still concern. “Well….do you remember when i told you that my kind were an experiment.” Mando says

tKanji was crushed when he herd that. “So you thought that i would look at you differently just because you age faster.” Kanji says “Well yea..” Mando soon says. “Dude it doesn’t matter how old you’ll look you’re still my friend and i had no other friends except you and no one else so i won’t judge you on some kind of health problem you have.” Kanji says with the kindness in his heart.

“I still remembered how after even more years in school we both soon graduated and we were soon free to do anything in this world.”



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