Ever since the birth of us humans came into existance on this planet we calk earth 

We have done many things both good and bad 

We have enslaved one another 

We have judged one another 

We have dominated one another 

And we have done anything we can to end or to break one another mentally emotionally or physically

In such a short period of time we have taken and used earth’s resoruces we posion it’s atmosphere with toxic gasses

Many spieces who are harmless or even adorable are now wiped out of existance 

And even today we still have debates and fights about the color of your skin from gender to sexuality 

We as humans are so divided that even the internet is divided 

We keep fighting with each other in our own countries and within ourselves 

But yet we dont look at the chaos of what happening or could in space

Our planet maybe doomed and i would almost say congrats but its not the end 

There are still many wonderful people in this world doing what they can to not just make a difference everyday for themselves but also for others 

I almost lost my faith in humanity but seeing the kindess people still have for each other is some sort of restoration in faith and hope 

I dont say i want Die cause I’m depressed

I say i want to die because this world has become a living hell full of ignorant arrogant and people so low that they would resort to harm someone 



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