“I believe it’s been over more than a decade since Mando’s death and i just know that wherever he is he’s happy and safe on the other side and now my time is coming because i’m starting to get old and weak and so i can’t move around as much as i could my beautiful flower styled wings are now all but faded to the point where they almost look like paper but that’s okay because i’m just going to sit and enjoy this sun set.”

Kanji still sitting on a flower petal looks at the sun slowly going down from a beautiful yellow to a hazy and blood red. “It’s time and i’ll do what i must just to leave my mark on this world in some way.” Kanji says to himself. Knowing that it’s his time Kanji flaps his old and weakened wings and flies around the garden that he’s been at ever since he was little. He spread his last ounces of magic that was left in his wings. Flowers didn’t come out but pink orange and red sparkles came out as they were nothing but tiny seeds that were enhanced to grow quite fast.

Kanji finished and soon flew up as high as he could to the sun to see the sun still going away and with every last ounce of energy he has going slowly towards the sun’s light.

His body began to slowly disintegrate and his wings began to as well. In just a few moments and just like that kanji was nothing but ashes now that blew in the wind

The flowers all around had their heads lowered in pure sadness.

Kanji did leave a mark on this world and the last words he said to himself before he passed was.

“Life is like a story you can choose to make it whatever you want to be and those who tried to live life the longest can sometimes see the many wonderful things they did in this world but then there are some who would willfully end their lives because they just couldn’t take it just don’t want to know but i’m just like many others are in no place to judge.” -Kanji

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