On the outside i’m still smiling breathing and looking very Happy but deep down inside There’s an entirely different story behind it

I’m far from feeling happy and i don’t know how but all i know is that over the 4 years it just turns into the shadow that follows you when the sun is shining outside

I sometimes feel like i’m just two seconds away from dying but 2 minutes away from living

All i know is that they don’t know nor do they understand or want to know the emotions i feel Daily

They ask about the scars on my arms but all i say is that their all because of the cat that does that

I hear them laugh and i hear them talk but i don’t care

They pretend to be my friends when i know they don’t care nor do they like me at all

And even when i’ll be away from this place of “Learning” i know it’s just going to be even harder

The blade isn’t even a comfort or even a friend but my murder and it would be thing that would watch my final moments

Death has become a way of thinking because at some point most living things die

And every time i close my eyes it’s like blank but dark paradise where no one can be seen nor herd Like helen road

But if there’s one thing that i know is that even though life can be a fucker many of us go through it

No one is immune and to those who would say how it’ll never effect them and how we should suck it up and deal with just to let you know for your information

Just imagine waking up always feeling like there’s no space for you in this world

Imagine feeling like everything around you hates you and is always against you

Imagine feeling hopeless and helpless no matter what you do

Imagine feeling alone out the outside but alone on the inside

Imagine feeling empty and there’s nothing to fill it

Imagine knowing that you’re going to die at some point in time

And last but finally the least

Imagine being old and you live by yourself and you have no one that comes to visit you and you die quietly and by yourself


Till it happens to you

You don’t know what it means

Or how it feels

How that person feels

Because it won’t feel real

Until your world comes crashing down -Gardenlovepoet Daylight’s Depression





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