Sun’s light peeks a tiny bit beyond the horizon all while i’m still asleep

I begin to feel the sun’s warmth and i soon spring alive with the warmth going all through my petals

I feel mentally feel calm and have a feeling that i’m going to enjoy this day

Since me i live in a field full of many other flowers

Some just full of many emotions some good some bad and some down right ugly

None of them really liked me only because of how different i am but that doesn’t bother me one bit

From where i’m growing i always see something happening

Children playing on the grass or watching 2 souls united by love just sit and talk or sometimes just walk around

And even the Gardner who sometimes drops by just to make sure were all doing well is still amazed at how we all came out

It was only until my roots bumped into yours and i felt something else that wasn’t just happiness but i also felt some type of love go right through me

And from then on i my life changed forever

Even though we been together for almost 2 years i can still image us both living our lives together in peace

It hurts to be untrue from what i gained through you

I can not live forever

I know that i belong to only you.


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