I Still remember when i met him it was not just a match but it was almost as if i found my twin soul

Me and him were literally the same mind full of emotions but just in 2 separate bodies

Us being guys we both knew what we wanted I knew what he wanted and he knew what i kind of wanted

We would mate like rabbits when we both were alone it didn’t matter if it was light out or if it was dark out

He kept me company and didn’t make me feel lonely

All the times we penetrated each other talk and even go out into the world just out of boredom was one of the many good memories i still have and even cherished

And to think that the child that was me died a long time ago

I still have memories of my childhood and now seeing how my innocence was truly being corrupted not by him but how people in general

He made me feel like i could truly be able to smile again

After all these years of wishing i died

He restored what was broken

And he healed the scars that were burned into me

There are many men in this world but there’s only that certain few that could understand accept and love you for you.

-gardenlovepoet The man that is my other soul


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