A small seed was planted into the ground more than 3 years ago

And throughout that time that seed grew from a small seedling to a beautiful balanced tree

Sakura the colorful pink flower that grew in afternoon sky and flies in the wind

Sakura the color of kindness reflected in the eyes of people

Sakura the light of my life the thoughts that never leave me

Time could never erase the love i felt that day when we first met and how you changed my entire life

My entire way of dreaming was changed cause of you

You fixed what was broken within my soul and i can never be more than thankful for this one moment in my life where i felt everything was completed

But then in life all good things must come to an end

The day you were struck down was the saddest day of my life

The one who gave me as much happiness love and attention is now gone

And now i slowly start to die but try to move on with your memories still repeating within my soul

An area where we first met stands quiet still and empty

A soul loved by no one except one

Forgotten by all except one

Oh sakura How i wish you were here. -Gardenlovepoet Sakura

(Inspired by the song Daisy and Hana By Misia)


(Daisy) (Go to 4:36 in the video to see Daisy)


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