The Night begins to fade away as the sun begins to slowly rise above the horizon

My dark and broken wings begin to full with the warmth and light of the sun

The sadness within me transforms into a blank slate where happiness or sadness is not one but a balance

Like a phoenix rise from the ashes

Hoping to seek and bring change within my life

Even though i sometimes feel like a flower that needs the rain but has trouble growing in the snow

Life maybe a struggle and dying could be a daunting pain

But in order to live you need to die and in order to die you need to live

At least for me when i’m at my brink of ending

There’s sometimes a hand to reach out and save me

I sometimes feel free while i fly above the ground

But i sometimes feel trapped when it begins to rain

And sometimes i feel like my wings are too small to support me

But my happiness is no going to fade

I’m like the tree that has been on this earth since the dawn of humanity.



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