I try to hold my breath as this life begins to slowly slip away into the void once again

I don’t bother hiding what i feel deep down inside anymore because there’s no point

i lost all faith in the things i have achieved in life because everything i did working up to now was just useless

I wonder now in the shadows that are now nothing but the shattered remnants of my mind

I long to be lost with you i want to be free like a bird souring above the trees

crawing through this world as illness and death flow into my vains

I look into a shard of broken glass only to have it be covered in blood

I don’t see a human anymore and i don’t care

I woken now to find myself in the shadows of all i created

I’m longing to be lost in you

Won’t you take me away from me

Lost in a mad world i try to reach for the will to live

But i have no more energy to keep it going

I lay dying from the fight i lay empty with emotions now fading hope slowly lost

And world that’s now mad.


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