I take you like a drug because you were the only thing that mattered to me the most in life

I have no good memories without you only due to the fact that most of my life has been nothing but a dull pain that would never go away

I’m cut open even though i’m not breathing

My hearts broken but still beating

I know that you still have daddy issues but that doesn’t bother me only because i was still with you ever step of the way

i tried to write to your name in the sand but the rain washed it away

So you ask me what im thinking ill tell you what i’m thinking what your thinking about

Tell me something that i might forget but it’s crazy what you would do it for a friend

No body mattered to me execpt you only because everyone hated me

My walls came crashing down but it didn’t bother me only because i lost all sense in caring

I’m not entirely here

And since your dead it hurts

Half of me is gone

And my emotions are still coming back to me even though i thought i got rid of them.

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