Spring creates new life and the nature begins to wake up

The smell flowers begin to get stronger and the bees and butterflies begin to drink the flower’s nectar or spreading their flower’s pollen

Children play and laugh in the warm season and then they rest when the sun begins to set on their innocent eyes

Adults play and laugh watch the children and secretly make love

Teens and young adults spreading love and the song of life can be herd all throughout spring’s air

The earth slowly gets colder as the spring slowly turned into summer and summer turned into autumn

Autumn brings the wind so cold that your soul can feel like chilling you to the bone

And then the flowers and tress and nature begins to sleep some of the bees and butterflies try to flap to the warmth of the warmer parts of the earth

But some don’t make it

Their beautiful wings and body’s begin to feel the cold

Autumn Begins to turn into winter

The children still play outside but this time in the snow just like the many snow angel’s on the ground

Adults waking up to the winter and then making even more love in the warmth of their blankets

And just snuggle in a warm embrace

Autumn changes from winter from winter came spring from spring came fall from fall came autumn and the cycle of life continued and still does to this day.



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