You can’t say how your suffering without going through pain

You try to play the role of someone who’s always smiling but always hiding something behind that smile

I know who you really are the one who cries when you believe your alone

But when and where would you go if no one was here or there to save you from yourself

You can’t escape from the truth you know because at some point in time it will find you

I know your scared to face reality we all are

But no one can stay in a fantasy forever

Sometimes you will have to face yourself alone in the dark but still even so you could find light if you let it into your life

But you can’t just isolate yourself from everyone

I’m getting sick of constantly speaking words that no one understands

it’s already clear enough that you want to live your life alone but i can still hear you when you whisper but you can’t even hear me screaming and begging on my knees

You can go anywhere you want to in this world or in another reality but no matter where you go ill still follow

Ill still be here for you

And the truth will never hide

it will still be here weather you believe it or not.

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