This world could be heaven for some or hell for most

This world may appear all flowers and sunshine but underneath it all That’s a whole another story

There are times when the weather is violent and the earth shakes

There can be so much destruction just by how powerful nature can be

But besides the natural world there comes humans

Most that could nice and gentle then there’s some who would be called the scum of society

The rejects the outcasts you name it

Understood by some but ignored or shamed by most

Some with a mind so lost that it’s still unbelievable that it still looks like a person

But deep down they could be a monster within

The way we would talk to one another the way sometimes abuse and attack one another

The way we show dominance and sometimes genocide with one another

The way we judge and discriminate based upon what a person looks like

The way that we are sometimes forced to suppress our desire for sexual liberation

or to be who we are

But the way we sometimes destroy not just each other but also ourselves and the world we live on

Pumping out millions of harmful chemicals and then throwing our trash into the ocean for a poor creature to be harmed

Ever since the dawn of our existence this earth became our heaven and hell

With Religion striking fear into most people

Saying how if you don’t submit and be obedient that you’ll go to hell

When what is hell but fire and brimstone

Earth is the never ending hell

Earth is the fire that never goes out

Earth is the birth and destruction unto itself

And humanity is the blessing and curse upon this planet and all things not human

With all kinds of sexual perversion and all kinds of people that live in this world

You’ll never know who can be your friend or who can be your foe

Because some people will try at nothing to destroy you

To end you

And sometimes to make you be the entire laughing stock

Or to even be hated by those who knew you. -Gardenlovepoet


One thought on “The dirty and unclean parts of the human psyche (A poem inspired by the madness that goes on within the minds of many people)

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