The Pain that haunts you everytime you sleep

The sounds you hear when there’s no one around makes me sometimes feel sad for you

Even though in our friendship i still try to get close but you keep pushing me away as if i matter not to you

Its sad how you have to put on a mask of happiness to hide the face of sadness and anger beneath

The darkness became your home and your soiltude

My love and concern still ticks on every living moment of my heart beat

The sound of angels and the the flame of a candle still plays in my mind

Nothing from the past can be washed away and nothing of the future can be predicted

Nothing will fade and the memories will one day come back even when you think their gone

Feeling your heart beat and feeling your mind screaming at you to snap and finally cause the chaos you wanted to for a very long time

Life was never to kind to either of us even before we met

But yet it taught very valuable lessons

It’s sometimes great to feel alive

It’s sometimes hard to survive But one way or the other we still try to

None of this will end unless you try to make peace with it already

Running away and finally feeling like the entire world is going to end isn’t going to solve anything but at least it could give you a nice workout

When you cry i’ll wipe away all your tears

When you scream i’ll fight away not just your fears but whatever is bothering you

And i’ll hold your hand for as many years i can

Because no matter how strong you think you are it’ll never stop whatever eats away at your very mentality

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