When waking up the next meal isn’t just eating soup like the last few days

Turning on the lights to see things that i don’t wish to see that are the broken fragments of my life

The sadness still follows me to bed even though i see no use to having it stay around

I just wish to think quietly and not let the thoughts of love and revenge constantly get me down

But the thoughts of you don’t make it just loose balance but makes it uneven

The turning the lights off does nothing but start the storm that’s brewing deep within me

As my weakened heart begins to beat love turns into pain every second and every thump

My tears are beginning to flow out my eyes oh how good it would be if it flooded everything

To stop my longing and grief for you

It’s clear that i’m not getting you back and i’m not going to keep begging and crying over it but when i fall to the bottom of this void i created

the only person that can get me out is myself

I’m now slowly seeing that i could really truly and almost actually be able to smile and finally stop crying

And soon face another day and another time within. -gardenlovepoet





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