This life has finally taken it’s toll

I can’t go on anymore with all this pressure turning into nothing but a burden

Here i am i have nothing left

Even though i tried to not just forget but remake newer memories

I have nobody and i just want to almost be left alone but at the same time with you

You became my will to survive without you i still fall apart

And i can’t close my eyes ever again

My only hope is what you became and my only joy is what you are

And my only love

Constantly Ignoring this pain not just burning but fully consuming me makes me scream out in endless insanity

When night falls on me even when i’m sleep i can’t dream nor can i see anything but the pitch black that are my eye lids

I can’t lie to you because you haven’t lied nor betrayed me like the others did

And like the seasons of earth go from summer spring fall and winter so do my feelings and so does my mind. -Gardenlovepoet



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