In my final moments i still remember my entire life flashing before my eyes

From the day i took my first breaths

To the day that i soon started learning

And to the day where i started to slowly come to an understanding of love and living

And how those 2 things can be the most wonderful powerful beautiful and sometimes scary things

And in the moments where i knew i wasn’t going to live

I still remember when and where we met those memories never left me

The way you would still hang onto me when it was cold

The way we would hold each other when we were feeling lonely

The way you would say nice and kind things to me just to make it feel better

Just leaving home and away from my parents made me feel free but also sad

but just staying with you i know that i’ll be in good hands and i know that i still must rely on myself

But for today let me just enjoy living for these last few moments

Just waking up to making breakfast with you was more like making art and in some way bonding with you

Singing and playing on the piano and guitar was how we really expressed our love for one another especially in times of great sadness

Then eventually when the sky turns gray and the rain begins to pour we just run a nice shower and feel the water hitting our bodies almost washes all the pain and sadness i felt all these years

Then making love in bed and then knowing that i’m sleeping with the one who loves me and i love is right next to me By my side

Living We are living Together For today and many to come

And even though i couldn’t help but cherish ever single breath of life the next day was my last

At least i’m thankful and happy that i was still able to live life to it’s fullest in some way.





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