I know what you hide behind my back

It still belongs to not just to you but to us as well

It doesn’t matter what they done to themselves because it doesn’t concern me what so ever

They beat me to the ground and made me into something i’m not but yet you still have some sort of concern for them knowing that

But you can’t kill the me in you

Our dreams and fantasies are nothing but just hopeless illusions that you wake to

Promises are supposed to be promises but dreams are something that could heal or damage us

But what you created can not just die by forgetting it

It lives with you and it will haunt you almost like the shadow that follows you when light is all around

The echo’s of our memories still ring in my head

The howeling of the emotions i felt the same emotions that roared me to life are now slowly killing me from the inside

And you have no one to blame but yourself

you can beat me down just to deny this truth but you can’t kill the me that’s within your mind and that thing you called a heart.



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