So much violence and rage within this world shakes us all up

No one is immune to these “Aftershocks” And Side Effects to this fighting

Even as time passes we all suffer from the terrible memories of watching one another die again and again to the point where we almost got use to it and then making peace with it knowing that it’ll happen to us at some point in time

Gazing up to the open sky seeing the smoke and fire blocking the clear air and the beautiful color

the pollution and enslavement as humanity grows bigger and bigger puts a strain on the earth

I sometimes wonder if mother nature or mother earth can survive And that man kind will wake the fuck up and stop abusing her already

We live in a world where were almost forced to pollute and damage the earth even further

The trees and plants scream in pain as many of them are ripped from the ground till the ground becomes bare

The oceans turn from clear blue to oily black

The animals living there begin to slowly die off and be filled with unhealthy and damaging chemicals

Humans who fought over nothing but the material objects on this earth caused even more death and then tore many nations to bits

Were all living on this earth today and we are living on this earth together and we all should have the right to live when will all this anger hate and bigotry not be gone but already dead and when will this pollution and destruction of earth and it’s natural resources be ended already.

If we never learn to deal with and make peace with one another and even try to fix this earth no one not even the animals or plants that live here will be able to live we’ll all be dead and extinct like a blank canvas




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