The sound of gun shots still ring in my head and the sounds of screams echo in the air

Their dying i hear someone say all while the sounds of crying is also being here with the many explosive

Humanity has now turned on it’s self fellow humans from many different cultures are now ripping and tearing one another to shreds

The earth caughs from all the pollution it’s suffered all while dead bodies begin to pile on the ground

Everyone i use to know are either fighting and maybe dead or were killed in some way

It’s all but a matter of time before neither wins and the earth will soon falls to pieces

We keep repeating the same mistake and having history repeat itself all over again but this time with the power of nuclear radiation

And the ignorance of people so blind to their ego that they would do what everyone else is doing to avoid being persecuted

And what’s worst is that we all have to suffer thanks alot humanity.



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