During Lunch sometimes me and a few students i hang out with

We would sometimes leave the cafeteria a bit early because none of us like it when they dismiss the entire cafeteria because people would crowed up the staircase and i would get  a bit dizzy because there’s a lot of students that would crowed onto each other and i didn’t like being that squeezed in

Naturally there would be a staff member of the school that watches the door to make sure no one goes through them (The only thing they do is give you a dean referral but that doesn’t really bother me mostly due to the fact that i already had those before because of the event’s of what happened last year)

Sometimes the staff member (or one of the school admins) would walk away and no one would be at the door thankfully

So then me and the other students would hurry up the stairs and to class

I felt so savage doing it

We would make sure to be quick but quiet because the staff do watch but mostly when were away from the lunch room they don’t really see us anymore

But they do notice that were gone (Because me and those students would be a bit noisy)

We would then be the hallways and wait until the period ends

The hallways are very peaceful when the students aren’t in them

And i feel like i can actually relax and security doesn’t really give a fuck because a lot of students do this a lot


(Update i wanted to release this yesterday but i forgot to do this)


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