So today during health class the teacher makes up a project where we have to present a drug that we may have not herd of and then work on it for 3 days and then present it to the class 

You would need to be put in a group and as for me there’s only a few students i get along with quite well

 but since their already in their own groups already i might not be able to join (maybe the teacher can give me an accommodation but i highly doubt it) 

Theres this girl i sometimes talk to and we became good friends but its quite clear that her friend by the looks of things doesnt like too much and i honestly dont care but she just recently messaged me om insta and told me that they already had a group of 4 so i couldnt join 

It quite clear that im not well liked by most students because im socially awkward and im kind of morbid and its also even more clear that im not always a happy person 

I just cant wait for this year to be over…ill try to make an update later on to see if anything has improved thanks for reading 


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