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I’m not sure if this should be called a spell or ritual but all i’m going to say is that this is a process in creating your own faery being (Don’t think of using this as a weapon to get revenge) this was found in a book called “A Witch’s Guide to Faery Folk” By Edain Mccoy. NOW WAIT before you start scrolling or close the window this spell is on hear me out. I am well aware that Edain Mccoy Is not much of a popular person in the pagan/wiccan/witchy communities but she has really nice spells or rituals to use as ideas. So now the moment we’ve all been waiting for all the stuff i’m now going to write is coming right from the book.

As pagans we believe that we were created as incarnate images of the detites. Part of them is always within us. We are imbued with their life force, and with the proper ritual we can temporarily take on many of their powers-even the power to create.

We create every time we work magick. What we visualize manifests in our solid earthly reality. What we think becomes mass and substance, What we produce from our own creative minds has form and essence. And as long as we keep feeding our own creations from our vast stories of energy, they continue to exist. This same thought process works for the creation of elemental forms-beings that are very real, though not always visible to the naked eye. We absolutely can create our own faery beings to whom we can temporarily give life, and these creations of our magick can serve us in many ways. A couple of years ago when i moved into a new home in a state far away from my family and friends. I felt very vulnerable. The woods behind my house looked more forbidding

than inviting simply because they were strange. I also knew that I was living in an area where the crime rate was climbing and i felt the need for some extra protection over and above the usual that a witch puts around her home. I had created a faery being only once before to protect my parents’ home after they had trouble with vandalism and i found it very effective. I decided that it was time for me to evoke this same protection for myself.

I now have four “Dragon Dogs” surrounding my home. They are fed new life-given energy by me at each new moon and in the mean time they stand watch over my home, psychically repelling any uninvited invaders, both physical and astral, and warning of natural disasters. They also warn me if some hapless person decides, despite the negative energy felt when they breach the area guarded, to press on closer to my home. As time passes the beings have become more and more real, with each one taking on a different, unique personality, and our relationship has become that of mutual support. I know they are there because I can see them on my astral outings and I have both seen and felt the results of their vigilance. The idea that a witch or magician can create astral life is not some radical product of the so-called “New Age” but a very old idea. In his collected works, the sixteenth-century physician and occultist Philippus Paracelsus spoke at length (albeit in confusing language) about the ancient art of creating a Homoculus (sometimes spelled Homumculus), or an artificial human being, by utilizing the four elements plus the element of spirit. Based upon these allusions found in his writings, the idea of ego-inflamed human demigods actually creating life sparked the vivid imaginations of many Victorian and early twentieth-century writers (this was a period of intense occult revival in England, Canada and the United States), and some of the results were horror classics such as Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s Frankenstein and Somerset Maugham’s the Magician. Logically we all know that such feats cannot be accomplished in the physical world, but when we read these old occult writings with a sound of knowledge of both faery lore and the astral world, all the vague allusions suddenly make perfect sense. The old masters were talking about creating astral life forms, or faeries all along

 What Your Faery Creation Can Do

When you set out to create an elemental being, whether temporarily or permanently, you must have in mind a task or function for it to fulfill. Not only does this help the creature know ts role, but it also helps you to concentrate on bringing it into existence and forcing it in the way it needs to look to achieve your goals. For example a faery which will guard your home might look fierce and animal-like, while one who is going to aid you in astral projections might be filmy and winged.

The tasks these thought-form beings can handle easily are:

🦋 Guarding a home, person , or object

🦋 Watching over children or pets

🦋 Watching over the ill

🦋 Repelling negative influences

🦋 Chasing away ill-meaning persons and entities

🦋 Repelling or lessening natural disasters

🦋 Leading you to things such as healing herbs

🦋 Helping you retrieve a lost object

🦋 Aiding in divination

🦋 Helping you to astral project

🦋 Warning you of danger

🦋 Standing guard over your astral residence

One again, keep in mind pagan ethics when you set your faery being out on a mission. Any wrong or malicious use of a thought-form will have severe repercussions. 


Creating Your Faery 

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Self-created faeries are merely cohesive projected thought-forms produced by the witch. It all works on the simple and proven principle that thought is action on the astral plane. But to make faeries who feel real and appear animated with life energy will require prolonged intense concentration, good visualization skills, and the ability to build a store large amounts of energy before releasing it. If you find it easy to concentrate and focus with your eyes open, you can create your faery being while in your circle, either before or after you do other rituals, Avoid doing other magickal spells during this same session because the required energy to do both is more than most people have in reserve. While standing before your alter, hold your hands up in front of you with your palms facing each other. This is the area in which your faery being with gather energy and grow. Start by vigorously rubbing your palms together feeling the heat and energy made by the friction and know for certain that just as you created that heat. you can create life. Now move your palms apart just a few inches and focus on feeling the chakras (energy centers) in your palms being expended. Sense a growing mass of energy forming between them. With your mind, Create an even greater energy field growing spinning and enlarging  between your palms until you are forced to move them apart a few more inches. Keep up this visualization process until your hands feel pushed approximately two feet apart. This should take about 20 minutes. Now see the energy forming a shape you which will become the physical body of your faery. Make its appearance just as clear as you can. Give it facial features, Coloring and wings if you desire but avoid trying to give it a personality. This is something that it will adopt. Some witches feel that their strongest psychic center is either at the chakra point of their third eye (between and just above the eyes), or at the one over their solar plexus. If you are one of those people, then you can also effectively use one of these centers to create a thought-form faery.

Again rub your palms together vigorously before you start drawing confidence from the heat you produce. Now hold them a few inches away from your chosen energy center. Feel the energy which is creating your faery coming from this center and see the energy massing in front of you, allow it to expand and eventually to take form. As the energy grows move your hands apart accordingly this will take about 20 minutes. When you have expanded the energy mass to about two feet in diameter, begin to give your faery its features and physical form. Another method for faery creation is the meditation method which takes longer but unless you are an expert in raising personal energy is much more effective. If you have a favorite method of inducing a meditative state, then keep using it, If not you might start looking around for one which pleases you.

The following is a guide to achieving a meditative state which i am fond. It should be thought out to yourself as you seek this inner focused, deeper state of mind. The entire induction process will take 15 to 20 minutes.

Find a comfortable place to relax where you will not be disturbed Somewhere in your bedroom is a good choice, but avoid lying down if you feel you might not be able to stay awake. You may play “New Age” Music softly in the background or light incense if you wish. These are not necessary, but they can help you to focus and concentrate.

Relax yourself without crossing your arms or legs and keep n mind that whatever position you take is one which you will in for maybe as long as 45 minutes. Make sure it is one you can comfortably maintain.

Begin by taking a few very deep breaths. Take in as much air as you can, hold it for a few seconds, then slowly release it. As you do, feel the tension drain away from your body.

Start to clear your mind of extraneous thoughts and focus on the idea of going deep within yourself, so deep that you can reach out and become a part of all there is.

If you tend to get images which invade and scatter your thoughts, try focusing on only one object while you are trying to enter meditation. This will help keep you focused. Flood your inner screen with a single color or a single geometric symbol which will keep other images out. If you tend to hear words which distract you, then keep one single word describing your goal such as “down” or “inward” or a phrase such as “i create,” are all good choices.

Remind yourself that you are in charge, and that when you want or need to awaken you can do so by saying to yourself the words, “I Am Home,”

When you feel relaxed, begin to count yourself down. This is an old trick, one which has been used by both witches and magicians for centuries. Begin with whatever number you like Ten is a good round choice- and tell yourself that with each number you count down you will go deeper and deeper into a meditative state. By the count of one you will be as deep as you can go.

Do the countdown slowly, but rhythmically: “10 … 9 … 8 …”

Now spend a few minutes noting the lack of feeling or the numbness, of your own body. Be aware of any areas of tension which may still linger in your physical shell, and will them away.

If you are new to this process, you may wish to repeat the countdown several more times until you feel you are sufficiently deep enough to begin serious mental work.

Once you are satisfied that you are down deep enough you are ready to begin any meditative exercise. In this case, the creation of a faery.

You have two choices about where you bring the faery into being. You can put it in the room with you to be sent to the place it needs to go to later, or you can set it directly where it will be doing its job. For instance, if you want it to watch over a friend who is in the hospital, then create it at your friend’s bedside.

As with the other exercise, begin the visualization by seeing your own energy going out to form the initial core of the fairy. See this as a beam of pure light shining out from you. Then see another beam of energy coming from directly above the faery, a beam of clear, pure light, part of the divine life-energy of the deities. Focus on the faery growing and slowly forming itself into a mass and then into a recognizable form. Remember that it can look like anything you wish. This part of the process will take 20 to 30 minutes.

If you want to make your faery creation more fully dimensional, you can do what old Paracelsus and his alchemists would have done. You can use your ritual tools to further imbue it with the qualities of the elements, thereby giving it a more fully rounded personality. You can do this either physcical gestures or through clear visualization. In either case, have your tools laid out before you on your alter and, beginning with whichever direction you like, allow the faery to each represents. For example raise your chalice to it and allow it to drink from or absorb the qualities of water from the cup. See the faery taking into itself the qualities of psychicism, compassion, adaptability, ect, that belong to water.

Use your imagination to come up with various other ways for the faery you have made to get in touch with your tools. The possibilities are limited only by your own powers of visualization. You might want to draw an invoking pentagram before it to incorporate into it the qualities of air. Or you could brush it with a feather or fill it with incense to incorporate air. Or you could brush it with a feather or fill it with incense to incorporate air. See it absorbing the ability to communicate, to reason, and to remain undetected. You may want to pass a candle through it or around it so that it may take on the attributes of fire.

For this element see the faery gaining such qualities as strength, fortitude, and agility. For connecting it with the element of earth you could have it touch or wear a special stone, or anoint it with saltwater, See it becoming more stable, solid, and protective.

You can also imbue your faery with elemental powers by visualizing it in different settings. For example, visualize it in a desert or bonfire for the element of fire, on a windy hilltop for air, in an ocean or running stream for water, or in the middle of a large fertile field for earth. While the faery is at these locations, visualize the elemental qualities of the places merging with the faery’s own energies. Whether you choose to use this elemental process at all, or how much of it you choose to use, will depend largely on what it is you want your faery to do for you. For example, if your fairy is being created solely to protect your home, you may wish to use only the element of fire, which has an affinity for protection. But if its purpose is to watch over a loved one in the hospital, you might wish to use both fire and water for the dual qualities of protection and compassion.

The next step in this creation process is to charge your faery with its duty. While it is still caught in the grasp of your energy field, tell it precisely what it is you want it to do. You might say something like this:

“Faery being, creation of my mind, energy, and love, I charge you with the task of looking after my friend , (state name), while s/he is in (state hospital name).

Do not let anyone approach him/her who will do her/him any harm even unintentionally. 

Frighten such people or entities away: fill them with dread if they approach (state name again).

And if (state name) should need or want me, and is unable to let me know, you will come and tell me.

I charge you with this task in the name of (state a deity’s name).

for the good of all, in accordance with the Pagan Rede. Blessed Be.”

Send the faery one more blast of your own energy, and then visualize the faery going about its task. picture exactly how it looks while doing so and how others will react to it, even though they may be unaware it is there. The more clearly you form this picture in your mind, the more effectively the faery will work.

Will the faery continue to do its job unsupervised? Might it ever strike out on its own?

Yes it might, but this happens very rarely. If you feel a being you have created has taken on too much of a life of its own, then you can diffuse it by picturing the energy which animates it sinking into the ground. In most cases it is not the faery itself which has run amuck, but the ungrounded energy left over from its initial creation or from other spells and rituals which were never properly grounded in the first place.

Don’t feel disappointed or discourged if you feel your first efforts at creating a faery are not very successful. It may take several attempts to feel that your thought-forms are fully energized and “living: just as it sometimes tase several repitions of a spell before you feel it has “taken.” Keep in mind that creating something on the astral plane which will last requires periodic refueling. Be prepared in the first few days after you created a faery to spend 15 minutes or so each day feeding it life giving energy from yourself. After that you can limit your feedings to once every two weeks and then once a month. Left unfed they have a very limited life span. Try recharging them at each new or full moon to make it easy to remember.

  How the Faery Functions in its Role  

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The faery can go about its task in several different ways, depending on what function it was created to fulfill. When guarding a home, person, pet, or object you should visualize the faery giving off strong vibrations of protection and of warning the sort of energy which any intruder or person wishing you harm would immediately sense and would instinctively back away from. Few criminals are stupid enough not to listen to their sixth sense when considering a crime. If something doesn’t feel right, they will go on to where the pickings are easier.

The same is true for faeries you have created to guard the protect your astral residence. See them repelling in all forces which may wish to come against you. Both these guardian faeries and those specifically created to warn you of danger can be equipped with a device that might help let you know when something is wrong. For example, if a faery wished to let you know that your child or someone who was sick needed you, they might have a buzzer that they could sound or a symbol which you can see and recognize as a message. In your psychic centers these things will translate to that warning bell people often say they hear when they are struck with the sudden. unshakable feeling that something is amiss.

In the case of children or the ill, do not rely solely on a faery to do all the work for you. They make an excellent back-up system, but as with any magick, it is intended to give a boost and be a support to your physical actions, it is not meant to be a cure-all.

You can also visit your creations while you are astral projecting or while in meditation and ask them to give you a report on what has been happening. You may get a complete, clear verbal account or merely a set of random impressions. Be open to this communication no matter what form it takes, and weigh it honestly against the known facts. You may be surprised how much help this guardian faery can be. Faries which are set up to repel negative influences or entities work in much the same way. They can chase away, return, or ground all such influences. You might want to equip them with a mirror or a ball of reflective glass with which they can direct away any negativity which comes your way. Or you give them weapons, or four feet and lots of teeth and have them chase things away  like a well-trained guard-dogs.

Faeries can also warn you in the event of a natural disaster such as a flood or tornado. Equip them with a way to tell you when you are in danger and give them the energy they need to help shield your home. Your faery can also be created to lead you to things. For example a lost object can be retrieved, or a healing herb found. Ask the faery for what you need and then wait for impressions. the faery may tell you where to find what you want inn a dream, by a vague feeling, or verbally while in meditation. Keep an open mind.

Divination is another field in which a faery creation can excel. When you create your faery you must tell it what it is you wish to know state as clearly as possible to it the one single question to which you need an answer. Then mentally send the faery out to collect the information you seek. Eventually the answers will come to you. Again, keep an open mind. The information may come in any of the above mentioned ways, or you may dream your answers, or be led to another divinatory device such as a Tarot deck or the runes for an answer.

Conscious astral projection seems to be one of the more difficult occult practices to master and many teachers of this art have said that working with an experienced person is the best way to learn. But not all of us are blessed with friends who have such talents. Here again, your faery can help. Charge the faery to aid you in this task when you create it and set it up over the area where you will be practicing. The next time you attempt astral projection the faery will be there to aid and encourage you, helping you to focus out of yourself, and using its energy to assist your own.


Grounding the energy 


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When you are finished with your faery being, you must dismantle it and ground the energies which brought the being to life. Because this creature is not a “life” in any true sense of the word, or even a complete astral life form, you should have no compunctions about ending its existence. If you do, then please don’t create one in the first place. If you make it then you have to be willing to take responsibility for it, and allowing it to run around unchecked is grossly irresponsible.

If you do not feed the faery periodically, after a while the animating energy will wane and the being will dissipate on its own, but its residual energies may stay around for a long time. This is what must be controlled, recalled, or grounded. Also if the faery’s task is done for example, the friend leaves the hospital and you do not dismantle it, t may just decide to spend the rest of its existence doing whatever it wants and may inadvertently interfere with hospital equipment. The dangers of loose, unfocused energy are well-documented in occult circles. They can cause feelings of restlessness, manifestations, and even poltergeist activity. Extra energy or energy no long needed must always be grounded.

In the case of your faery being, you should call it to you either in a meditative state or at the same chakra point you used to create it. You should then thank the being for its service and tell it you are grounding its energy, returning it to the womb of mother earth and that anything not grounded will be relegated to Faeryland.

Begin to see the aery’s image fade growing smaller and smaller and weaker, eventually ading into the earth. If you like, you can hold up your palms in the same way you did to create the faery and reverse the visualization process.  When you finish, go outside somewhere or go to a corner inside your home and press your palms to the ground, feeling any left-over energy draining from you safely and harmlessly into the earth.


And that is the spell/Ritual just one heads up i know some of it is confusing and i tried to copy it in the best way i possibly can i didn’t want to write it in my way because i didn’t want to screw it up and also please do not bother ms mccoy and have a wonderful day or night wherever you are and please don’t hesitate to ask me questions. -Garden (On wordpress) , imagine (On tumblr)

All gifs in this post are not made by me they were all found online 


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