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The Doodle big love spell is designed just for you to help you raise your self esteem.

Moon Phase: New to Full

Day: Sunday, Moon, Venus

Planet: Sun, Moon, Venus

Supplies: An art drawing pad, a selection of colored pencils or markers

Sit in a quiet place. Outside would be delightful, if you can, or sit in your room. You may like to burn some of your favorite incense and put happy music. Everybody has their own love doodle bug and no doodle bug looks alike. The only way you will know what your doodle bug looks like is if you design it yourself. Experiment with your markers or pencils, designing your doodle bug. Doodle bugs are never mean, and they are always pleasant and full of love, if you like, you can have lots of variations of your doodle bug. You might like to design your doodle bug with some magickal symbols, or may wish to make up some of your own. Now, write on the shell (or bodies) of the doodle bugs what you feel you need most: love, compassion, healing, etc. Put your hands over each doodle bug and say:

“Doodle bug, Doodle bug, Buzz and glow

Doodle bug Doodle bug Let the (say the name of what you want) grow.”

Once you’ve designed your doodle bug, you can use it for most things, including carrying messages or sending loving or healing energy to a friend or family member in need.


My Suggestion:  I suggest you alter the spell in any sort of way you would like (i still suggest not to use it for negative purposes but i’m not going to dictate what you should and shouldn’t do)


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