Sitting by the ocean i just relax and look at the sun slowly deciding turning the sky into a hazy orange and pink

I feel so happy now that your next to me and that i don’t have to feel loneliness around me anymore

It’s you it’s you i’m glad i found you i sometimes would say to myself sometimes

It’s a dream come true and in most cases it actually made me heal from my last relationship and made me feel a lot more better

Only worth living if somebody actually cares enough to hold onto you

We would sing like children in the afternoons

Drinking and making love and then doing art together just to share it with the world

Then playing video games while you’re wearing your blue jeans and white shirt and i’m in my red dress

and keep my lips red to feel like the cherries that grow in the spring cause darling you can’t let everything feel so dark blue

But now i know this is happiness and i still feel young and in love and i feel like the queen of disaster

I even ask him if he would still love me if i’m not longer young and beautiful and he says he’ll still love until the day one of us dies and even when that day comes we’ll still be together always.


2 thoughts on “Love’s dream come true (A Poem Inspired By Lana Del Rey)

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