So today pretty much (what the title implies)

I ran away and it was mostly from school i just couldn’t take having to stay there always feeling depressed. angry, hopeless, vulnerable, and all out lonely

For a very long time i wanted to run away from school and i was always scared to do so because i was scared the cops might have to be called and then they would bring me back

But today i just had it 1 year of this constant tormant i finally ran away from

The reason why i couldn’t just talk to someone was that the admins don’t really take most of the stuff i say serously and then the counselors always look lost and not understanding how to make it better

and my mom can’t really do anything but to call the school and make sure i’m getting some form of “help” from them but i don’t fucking need their help i just want to be removed that school and put somewhere else and yea i know the other schools are going to be even more worst but what other choice do i have

My grandma kept calling me just to make sure i was fine but i just didn’t answer because i didn’t want to hear her bantering about how school is important and how their only trying to help but they don’t help and the district maybe isn’t going to do anything

so  as always i have to deal with myself.

(I’m okay i’m just upset about what’s going on i’ll be alright)

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