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  • Queen of maggots: There are still two candles left Susan you know how this works a soul for a soul…
  • Susan: And that’s it…I blow out the last candle and I’ll never have to see you again?
  • Queen of maggots: Only if you blow out the right one…I’ll never bother you again Isn’t that what you want? But if you choose wrong it will be your LIFE extinguished forever. Just take a deep breath and do it.
  • Susan: But how should i know which one’s right?
  • Queen of maggots: That’s the thing Susan you can’t know that. In life you can’t always know the consequences before you make a decision. Haven’t you learned that yet?
  • Susan: That’s not fair
  • Queen of maggots: Nothing is fair. You opened your heart talking to that doctor and he butchered you like an animal , Then those disgusting cannibals they’d chop you up and cook you for dinner if you let them. And what about the man with the flowers all that he wanted was to hear you play before he split your skull open , The way your husband treated you. The way your neighbors laughed at you for years just for being different. You did not deserve all that but yet it happened. Am i forgetting something? , Oh yes of course most of all was it fair tha-
  • Susan: SHUT UP…Just shut up you UGLY BITCH. Now i know who you really are. All those feelings i had in me for years. That bitter guilt and self pity. That hatred for myself and everyone else…YOU are that miserable illness that’s consumed my heart all these years. You always there. Always. Everyday i looked at you in the mirror Like a dark Cloud i couldn’t see through I let you take control of my life…I believed it was right to feel like this. But not any longer This ends here.
  • Queen of maggots: Then blow out the candle
  • Susan: No i won’t I’m done playing your stupid little games…You won’t tell me what to do anymore. I am stronger than you. I can close my eyes and you’ll be gone
  • Queen of maggots: Blow out the candle
  • Susan: It’s time to say goodbye sister…I’m not gonna miss you.
  • Queen of maggots: You will never leave this place without me. You need me we are one
  • Susan: NO



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