Waking up and being on this earth as a child with parents who treat you as best as they can makes you almost think life is so easy without them

But then as you get older and realize that life is not all froth bubbles and fun all the time you get to see the darker aspects to it as well

You see that not every one has the same luxury you get

Some people are starving going to bed hungry or dying

And all while it’s happy and fun for you it slowly changes as time goes on

One of your parents slowly start dying only to leave the last parent you have to support and care for you

But seeing how the world you two are living in is falling apart you try to run away from it

But in this world running away will get you killed

Escape is not an option unless you know what your doing and know how you would be able to do it.

The mind control they have over the entire world makes us all believe we’re the best

But were not in reality

Were all trapped inside a bubble full of lies

In order to survive you have to fight

In order to live you have to survive

Life is hard to live but you have to keep trying at all costs

And sometimes in the end it’ll all be worth it

Because were all traveling through time together everyday of our lives

And we can do is do our best to make due with as many years, months, weeks, days, hours, and seconds we have left. -gardenlovepoet


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