So pretty much as a high school requirement elective wise you need to have i think an even number of credits for both The “arts” and “Foreign” Language.

My School supports only french Spanish and Italian most the bad thing is they are not picked by choice their picked by default (Italian is quite popular in my school actually but they don’t put anymore students in it because it’s over crowded but from what i herd it’s an easy class especially if you’re already a Spanish speaker)

The bad thing for me was that i was put in Spanish class which 1 has too many students (I’m mostly in a self contained type of class so i only stay in a small setting but since Spanish class is considered an elective it’s it’s all mixed)

To make matters even more worst i’m failing at it i’m not getting extra help i don’t understand the work

Thankfully there’s a program i could get put on that mandarian speaking and thankfully it’s all online the bad thing about it is that is not just the price of it but because it requires a lot of things and this isn’t the first program i met that acts like this

I like a Mandarin speaking program where i don’t speak at all because i’m not comfortable using a microphone speaking to a machine especially since there’s going to be other students (I would be doing it in the library)

So now i’m in a fucking panic i knew something like this would happen but i just didn’t care

I’m going to be speaking with the teacher of that course to see what this all really is about just to see if we can work out something.

And i sometimes think will life be better in another school (That’s a whole different story)

And then i sometimes wonder will i even be able to make it out of high school in general.


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