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Here’s the perfect gift to give to friends and relatives, which won’t empty your wallet. A charm wand is made by taking a small, glass vial and filling it with herbs and seeds. Country witches believed that if any evil entered the house it would be forced to count all the seeds by dark, leaving no time to cause trouble among the family members of the house. Test tubes with stoppers work great. Vials from the flower store work well too. Fill the tube with seeds and small herbs of your choice and decorate with ribbons and glitter. Tie next to the door most used in the house, on your yule (Christmas) tree, on wreaths hung on the door or in the house, as an extra decoration on a gift package, or as a party favor on new Year’s Eve.


My Suggestion: You can use any sort of bottle and it doesn’t have to be used on the most commonly used door it could just be on your alter.


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