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My Heat Beat Came To An End

And Like That I Thought That I would finally leave this world

Turns out it just revieved itself just so i can live on with my eternal suffering

Life for me stopped being fun it became a game i didn’t want to play anymore

And it soon became something i just want to run away from

It’s been a very long time since i felt any sort of happiness

The only love and peace i felt came from the blade that opens my arms every night and then every night when i cry myself to sleep or to dehydration

The Body of a child may still be seen by regular eyes

But a soul of an aging and dying person within

Loosing innocence just to know what humans do to one another on a daily basis

To see how we as a whole do nothing but destroy not just each other and the things around us but even ourselves

I Can’t cry anymore because i ran out

A scream that isn’t mine

A sorry that isn’t herd

And a life that was forgotten the next morning.


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