Time has finally stopped and screams fall under deaf ears

Humanity has now been lost within it’s own madness slowly consuming itself like fire to paper

Children once filled with light now look sad and empty Laughter stopped existing and only the silence remains

But deep down inside myself i don’t feel sadness i don’t feel happiness I just feel nothing

It was almost as if my nerves was ripped out and all my happiness was sucked out of me like a vacuum

The earth is now burning oh how good it would be if it burned everything to ashes To stop my longing for Freedom

I’m convinced I’ve already almost forgotten myself and the life i use to live

I can’t fight back nor do i even feel the need to because i lost my colors

But even now that i’m at the deepest part of this ocean no one is going to save me but myself Out of no where i feel something in my chest beating again My Heart Like magic

i felt like i can try to do something in restoring my life and try to be able to smile and sing and then spread my color out to others

And then prepare for the embrace of the next person. -gardenlovepoet

Inspired By “world in flames” by in this moment and “suffering” by jess lee







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