Today is such a great way to remember how life died for me such a long time ago.

It doesn’t matter to me only due to the fact that i’m just alone

I have no friends

Everyone i cared for or people i ever known i just ran away from

And even he left and this house that we both use to live in once filled with happy memories make me feel nostalgic and angry that he left

My veins have been bleeding out and the blade became my only comfort

And when i thought that life was getting better i realize that it was all a lie and that everything I’ve been working for all this time was all for nothing

The blood that comes out of arms still release the life that was once flowing through me

My body is going to fail and my heart can’t take this anymore

And even when my body is found at sometime i just want to be ashes

And then thrown to the air

A soul brought into this world by mistake only to soon be erased from all existence

So Mr Injury are you still alone. -gardenlovepoet


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