As the sun begins to set having its light slowly disappear

The earth goes quiet and the failed rejects of this world begin to come out

The minds of humans who have been damaged by this world they call “home” Full of those who like to hurt others breeding nothing but future monsters to life

Their screams for love slowly turn into cries of loneliness.

Every night they sing their lullaby the one that cries them to sleep but gives them comfort

My wrist still open from the cut i made begins to quietly bleed out and i too go quiet

My sight being covered by even more darkness and the ones around just do nothing but fall to sleep themselves

And all while the moon is out our sleep comes too

In life your going to be in pain

In life you are going to suffer

In life you will have to come to terms that every single person you know and love could hate you or could leave you by either dying or just seeing you as an enemy

The thoughts of death never left me

As for the blood

it’s still here and my heart is still beating its quiet tone. -gardenlovepoet

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