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Sometimes in life we don’t always have the time to do a spell just clear a room/space of negativity or we might not have access to the right material to do so not a problem if your the type of person who enjoys cleaning then this spell is for you.

You will need: Your cleaning supplies (Such as a broom, a swiffer. and a duster)

Before you begin lets just first enchant the item just to make it feel a bit “magical”

Hold your hands over your cleaning tools and imagine filling them with white light and while you do this intone these words 3 times:

“Magical tools you may now become for helping me clean through out my house only to bring good and wash away the bad.”

When you finish with that begin by cleaning up your home and while you do that say a basic little chat while you do it just to add a bit more power to it. If your sweeping you can say something like:

“Sweep Sweep Sweep Away all the bad and bring the good.”

Or if your using a swiffer or some sort of wet item you can always alter the chant above to suit your needs

I hope this spell was helpful and i hope you enjoy your cleaning

Take care. -garden


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