Back under your illusion of lies again i know i can say no but i choose not to

My heart is left bleeding all over your hands and all you do is smile knowing that you have me in your life

i know i shouldn’t have let you stay in my life after everything you did to me and put me through but i still can’t let go of this dream of us being together i can’t breath but i still feel in my heart good enough

I feel good enough for my self and good enough for you as well

Drink the many tears i cried knowing you never cared i still say no to you even though i still can

I lost myself to this madness but i don’t care

I’ll still never say no to you

I Shouldn’t let you take over my life so much but i still can’t let go of this dream i still want to live but i still kind of feel good enough

I waited so many days and nights for this moment and so many hours for this i don’t want to forget this

I’m still waiting for the rain to pour it’s healing energy all over me

Because i can never hold on to anything this good in life

So please take care what you ask of me because i may not say no but i may not say yes.




One thought on “Never No (Inspired By Good Enough By Evanescence)

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