Come sit with me my lonely little friend

Help me to understand why the world is the way it is even though you haven’t seen the world fully but you have some sort of understanding of it

I sometimes have fun catching the ball and even if i fall

Cause every time i’m feeling down i can hear you say nothing is everything going to waste don’t throw it away don’t throw it away

Every time i feel angry ready to hit something i look into your eyes and i believe i’m okay

I’ll still stand by you my little friend hope to have you walk away

I be there for you like you was there for me

And if the world turns its back on me i know you’ll be here next to me

I am sorry when i’m in my world i can be so cold but you always still believed in me

Every time when i’m still feeling down you stand by my side helping me feel better

My little furry friend you been with me for over 7 years of my life and those are the best years of my life that i spent with you

And even i got older and started falling apart you made sure to be there for me

My Furry friend i miss you so much

Rest in peace friend. -Gardenlovepoet


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