I don’t want to fall asleep in this lazy afternoon after just staying up all night with you

Cause i might wake up without you

Every time i close my eyes i don’t want to dream if dreaming is without you

Don;t let it die don’t let it go

I can’t make it on my own

I long for your companionship because you make me feel complete and whole

Can we just stay like this all while we play and dance like children while the sun is setting

Drinking wine and talking till we both turn blue is always a dream that never leaves me

You taught me a lot of things that even school or my parents never even thought of

I just can’t hide or lie to you i just want to stay with you all my life cause i’m in love with you

So i did say the words i love you and you actually said the same thing back

Our lives are bound by our love and commitment and i wish we both can live to see the same age and slowly pass away together in silent bliss because i’ll still remember you but will you still remember me

And till that day i’ll keep on singing for you.



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