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There will come a point in time where your home/space/apartment could have a bit of chaos in not just the space but also in your life as well. This spell could help bring balance and control back to your home and life.

You will need: 1 Yellow Candle, Some Incense, Some Blessed Water, (Optional you can also add a white candle to the spell as well)

I would suggest doing this spell in the morning when the sun is up or do it in the afternoon.

To begin light your candle and then the incense hold your hands over (palms facing up)  the candle and incense and then say these words while imaging white or pink light going all around your home:

“From light to dark from shadow to earth may my home be filled with love light and peace may all evil and harm flee from my sight, my space and my life”

Now your done all you need to do now is let the candle and incense burn for a bit (If you can) or you can just snuff the candle and incense out.

I hope you like this spell and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask have fun and be safe. -Garden

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