When was the last time you said these 3 little words

I love you to somebody

I say it to my parents, My crushes, and even my little furry friends

I still have my ex’s even though we don’t talk anymore but i never stop wishing them happiness and joy

Because of what they put me through also shaped who i am today so i thank them for that

In this world there are so many people doing what they can to make the best of today for a brighter and safer tomorrow

So even if it gets a bit more worst in our world today there’s always something good happening on another part of it

Some of them will be heroes but some of them will never be herd

So i like to take this moment and say the words i thank you

So this is now the closing of the song i hope you felt the love

it’s not the song i would write but it comes right from the heart

Because it never hurts to say these words

I love you

So when was the last time you said these words to the one’s you deeply care for you know they care for you too

So lets all say the words i will count 3

1 and 2 and 3

I love you. -gardenlovepoet


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