As this chapter in my life begins to go through it’s final pages the past still comes back as a reminder of how year after year it always ends the same way

Being young may not be easy but neither is living knowing that at some point in time you can die from things that won’t be natural causes

From the time i was a kid and from the time i was a preteen i made peace with death and dying because death is a part of life and there’s no point in trying to struggle against it

Sure it’s scary because you don’t know where you’ll go or if nothing happens but what i know is that if non christian people who did good on earth get sent to hell then that’s a fucked up

Bleeding hands, bleeding heart, bleeding veins , and bleeding arms

Life seeps from my very body slowly taking me away only to send me to a place where i might have no sort of connection to

Healing can be a long journey but in the end could be worth it

Running through emotions and desiring freedom while feeling like a dying patent feels like a nightmare to which i can’t escape from

The body of a child but the mind and soul of a dying person. -gardenlovepoet


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