Hanging from a cage the sound of your love is sent to my ears making my heart desire to save you

So high but yet not too far away

I sometimes feel like a bird who can’t fly but at the same time with enough energy i can still run for miles

I lost myself when i lost you because you fixed the broken pieces that was in this silly life of mine

It didn’t matter to me because i had you

Because of you i was able to fix myself and i was able to go on living even though i was in enough pain just existing wanting to end my existence

Running to the cage ready to open the door knowing that someone will have to fight me to get to you i’ll do it anyways

I will fight for you pray for you cry for you and write a song for you because i love you

Because of you i’m able to see a brighter day

I’m not going to give you up over a challenge

I’m going to keep surviving just to make sure you’re safe at all costs.


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